About Us

Platinum by Matilda Jane Clothing is our designers’ playground – a place to express creativity and keep the spirit of Matilda Jane’s art fair beginnings alive. New items are uploaded to matildajaneplatinum.com randomly. Check back often because you never know when you’ll snag a Platinum piece!
Platinum is designed and made in the United States. Each style is produced in a very small quantity, in many cases less than 20 pieces. For that reason, items typically sell out quickly.
Q: Do you load Matilda Jane Platinum pieces onto your website on certain days?
A: We are all about surprises. Items are put on the site randomly.
Q: Why do items sell out so fast?
A: Platinum items are created in small batches. Each item is its own little work of art.
Q: Are all Platinum pieces made in the USA?
A: A majority is; however, we will sometimes use fabric from our overseas production to make a few pieces.
Q: Do you design all these fabrics?
A: Absolutely not! There are so many beautiful fabrics out there that we love to use in our Platinum designs. However, we do occasionally use Matilda Jane fabrics from our main line.